Where the Sky is.

Panorama Glass Lodge

Under the Stars

Amazing sunsets, sunrises and stargazing and with a bit of luck watching northern lights dancing above you all from  the comfort of your warm bed, no need to go outside and freeze.

Sleeping Under the Midnight Sun

Scandinavian glass cabin igloo in viking style with that little extra bit of luxury. Wonderful scenery and panorama views out of your super comfortable bed or private hot tub.

Our Location

Austurkrókur 1, 851 Hella

+354 768 8821 (MO-FR / 9-19 GMT)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a waiting list for booked out dates?

No unfortunately we do not have a waiting list. There is only one Lodge at the moment and we get booked out quite quickly. Best is to book 6-7 months in advance. But we will open up our two new Lodges around November this year and they will be ready to book around October we expect. We get several emails per day about waiting lists and it would be just too much effort for us as a small family business to handle them all and inform all the people or see who was first with asking about a specific date and so on. If there should be any short term availability we will announce that on our Facebook page. So if you are spontaneous, please check our FB page and turn notifications on to be sure to not miss out on announcments of free dates and be informed quickly. First come, first serve.

How does it work with the hot tub?

Our  housekeepers will fill the pool before each guests arrival and start the heater. As it takes up to 5hrs to fully heat the pool it will be ready at around 19:00 on your check in day (sometimes even sooner, depending on when they finish filling it). It's regularely heated on 39/40 degrees celsius. Please check the temperature before you enter the pool.

When can I see the northern lights?

You can only see the northern lights during winter time when it's dark outside (from around late August to late April). Also you only see them if it's cloudless, not raining and not snowing. There is no certain time when they appear the most - they can appear from early evening to early morning. Just don't forget to look up in the sky frequently when it's dark outside. Also check our aurora forecast and cloudcover forecast every 15min to see how big your chances will be. Sometimes they are not very active and you do not see them even on a cloudless night. You also need a bit of luck to see them :). Generally you can say, if you can see the stars and are patient and staring into the sky for hours, your chances are high that you see some. December and January are usually the months with the heaviest storms and there are a lot of storms, so we would say these months the chances are a bit smaller that you see the Auroras (but not impossible), but every year is different.

What do I have to know for my winter stay (September-April)?

Winters in Iceland are mild but windy. So pack enough warm clothes and a hat, waterproof gear is always recommended. There can be violent and dangerous wind and snow storms in the winter months which reach it's peak at December and January with sometimes closed roads and difficult driving conditions. If the roads are closed to our Lodges we have to cancel the booking as it's not allowed for anyone to drive (and therefore also not possible for us to go and clean the Lodge) and you also shouldn't go outside during a violent storm. It is possible that we need to cancel your booking in this case and of course you get the full refund. If you are at the Lodge during a storm, please don't use the hot pool as it can be very dangerous and secure the pool cover firmly. Do not leave anything outside the terrace during a storm, wind gusts can reach up to 60m/s and blow everything away. We have a storm information printed out in each cabin. Take weather warnings always serious! You should always check www.vedur.is for weather forecasts and storm alerts. Also before you go on a journey, please check www.safetravel.is or www.road.is.

Can I book a stay more than a year ahead?

We don't open bookings more than a year in advance. Also we do not take any pre-reservations. Thank you for understanding. We will always send out a newsletter when we release the next few months of booking dates, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be informed straight away.