Panorama Glass Lodge Receives Vakinn Quality Certification

We are incredibly proud to announce that the Panorama Glass Lodge has recently received Vakinn certification, from the certification body iCert. The Panorama Glass Lodge was awarded bronze certification based on Vakinn’s quality criteria.


This certification highlights our continued commitment to supporting and sustaining our local environment, and solely using renewable energy resources across all aspects of our business.


As a small local business, it has always been an imperative aim to deliver quality accommodation and customer experiences within the immaculate Icelandic nature, whilst mitigating our carbon footprint as we do so – ensuring future generations can enjoy our lodges just the same.


Vatkinn certification


Applying for the certification was a long process which required a rigorous assessment of all of our activities, both small and large.


Alike many business owners, the challenges of meeting the criteria required a lot of revisions, considerations, and a great many tweaks to many of our regular processes.


However, we are now pleased that our customers can enjoy our wonderful lodges in amidst the beautiful Icelandic nature knowing the work our team has put into ensuring their experience comes at no unnecessary environmental cost.



„We are very pleased to have completed the process and received Vakinn certification. We have reviewed our internal processes and had them certified to ensure understandable, efficient, and transparent workflows in all areas and further sharpen our customer focus. With the certification, we achieve, on the one hand, high reliability and clarity of our internal processes. On the other hand, we will continue to strive dynamically for constant improvement and adaptation to new conditions,“said Andreas Dedler, founder and COO of Panorama Glass Lodge.


We will continue to invest in our ongoing work to support our local environment, and mitigate any potential negative impacts on the environment from our business operations and activities.

Enjoy a Night Under the Stars