South Iceland: The land is completely private as there are only our four Lodges on this property which is almost 50’000 sqm big. We have built up hills between the Lodges for more privacy.

The road on the other side of the river leads to a little summer house area and therefore there are sometimes cars driving on that road to these summer houses.

The houses you can see in the nearby area are all not regularly inhabited and only in use as summer houses for locals. The little house that is located on the other side of the river is not inhabited and only used as a storage house.

We do have black out pull-up side curtains for that extra bit of privacy 🙂


West Iceland: The land plot is 20.000 sqm big and it is private land. Infront of the land is only the ocean. We put up hills between the Lodges for more privacy. There’s one old riding path which is protected from the naturereserve and this pathway can be used by riders with their horses or hikers. But there are not many of them and they usually politely walk around the area where the Lodges are, to not disturb anyone. Mostly the riders pass through the land on weekends in the Summers. We have signs set up to ask them to use the road behind the Lodges but we do not have any influence on people disregarding the sign and use the old path anyways. There are also gates on each side of our property but they are not locked (it is not allowed to lock the gates due to government law). For additional privacy, you can always use the pull up side curtains in the glass area.