We have a minimum stay of two nights due to the remote location and cleaning costs and we have to do the booking and payment process all manually. We can arrange one night stays upon request if it fits in the calendar from time to time, but the price will be higher to cover the additional costs/time of cleaning and for the staff costs and effort for the manual booking.
One night will be 499€ at the moment.

Just send us an email in this case and we’ll book your one night stay manually – if possible. You get a paypal money request from us (please provide us with your paypal email address in your first contact mail).

Please understand that we maybe also do not accept your request for a specific date for example in high season if there’s only a two night stay left – we’ll keep this spaces for guests who book a normal two night stay as this is much less effort and costs for us.

We also do not take one night only stays far in advance (like more than two months ahead), mostly we use them to fill the free spaces in the calendar. Thank you for understanding.