Our bathrooms do have a very beautiful design which you can see in our gallery or on the booking site. We provide organic cosmetics from a local brand called Sóley Organics, which is made out of 100% icelandic ingredients and made in Iceland. We use only refillable products for the bathroom. We privide shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, hand soap. Also there are complimentary additions like cotton rounds, cotton buds, earplugs, sewing kit, dental kit for emergency and shaving kit. Everything that one might need when it didn’t come in your toiletries bag when leaving your home :). We’ve got you covered in this case. All our bathrooms have floor heating and a towel heater and a window to open after showering. There’s also a ventilation system.


There is a huge rainfall shower from the brand Hans Grohe. The whole area around Hekla volcano does not have hot water access, therefore we need to heat it up electronically. We ask our guests to use the water economically.

For Freya and Alva Lodge: Please note that our water boiler only provides hot water for around 7-9 minutes (depending on the outside temperature). Due to the compact size of the house, it is not possible to have a bigger water boiler.

The other Lodges have a new heating system which provides a much longer hot water flow.