South Iceland: They’re all the same style of House and on the same property in Hella, south Iceland. All of them do have a private hot tub and hammock nets and a sauna to share with one other Lodge.

ALVA is closest to the parking lot and on the upper part of the property.  The Alva Lodge is super nice for the scenery to view at from the upper platform and a great panorama is visible. If you have reduced mobility, Alva is your best choice.

FREYA is more secluded and closer down at the river.  It is perfect for taking photos and feel more isolated, the Lodge is closer to the river and has view on the Hekla volcano. Freya Lodge is more away from the parking lot to walk and has some stairs to walk up and a pathway to walk down to get there. It is approximately a 250m walk.

ODIN Lodge is on the left side of the property, with a beautiful view on volcano Hekla and on the river. It is also rather easily accessible and a bit closer to the parking lot.

THOR Lodge is the one on the outermost left side, more secluded with great privacy and with view on Mount Burfell and Bjolfell and the highlands. The river is of course also visible. It is a bit down the hill, if you have reduced mobility we recommend booking the Odin or the Alva Lodge.

All cabins have good privacy and are not visible to eachother at the glass parts.

West Iceland: All Lodges have a hot tub and a hammock net.

FRIGG is our Premium/Family Lodge, you can read more about it in the FAQ in the special tab about Frigg. It is the first lodge closest to the service house with the best view. Frigg Lodge comes with its private sauna. It is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you arrive with a wheelchair so we can make your stay even more comfortable.

HEIMDALL is a standard size lodge for two persons, it is located on the left side of Frigg lodge in the distance. It also has ocean view. There is a sauna shared with one other Lodge.

NJORD is a standard size lodge for two persons and located on the left side of Heimdall Lodge in the distance. It has ocean view and shared sauna with Heimdall Lodge.