Which location has the best northern lights chances?

It absolutely does not matter which location you chose, both of them have exact the same chances to see the northern lights. Only around 24 hours prior it is clear to know where the clouds will be, and the northern lights obsvervation is mainly dependent on the clouds – if the sky is overcast, you […]

What do I need to know about the Premium/Family Lodge?

Our brand new Premium Lodge is perfect for Families, couples travelling together or friends. It sleeps 5 and has a second bedroom with an inbuilt bunk bed. There’s a bigger table, bigger kitchen, bigger bathroom, bigger terrace and bigger pool. Plus you get the Sauna completely to yourselves, it is a private Sauna. It also […]

How can I book multiple Lodges in one booking?

Select your preferred date and then the search function will show you all available Lodges for the chosen timeframe. Click on “book” and a text will appear which says that the Lodge has been added to your reservation. Proceed with the next Lodge you want to book for the same timeframe and click again on […]

What is the difference between all the Lodges?

South Iceland: They’re all the same style of House and on the same property in Hella, south Iceland. All of them do have a private hot tub and hammock nets and a sauna to share with one other Lodge. ALVA is closest to the parking lot and on the upper part of the property.  The […]

Do you have a waiting list for booked out dates?

We do not have a waiting list. The best is to book at least 7-9 months in advance. In case we get cancellations, we will always announce it In our Instagram stories and also In our FB posts at the same time. This way we can reach the most people and there are always a […]

Do you have Lodges for more than 2 Persons

Our new premium/family lodge is ready to book and sleeps 5 (or even 6, if you count an up to 3 year old in with a baby travel cot). The new premium lodge will be located on our new location near Borgarnes. It features a second bedroom with an inbuilt bunk bed and a bigger […]

We want to book two Lodges at one time – which ones should we choose?

If you are travelling as a family or with friends and want to stay close to each other with a shorter walking distance, we recommend booking Freya and Alva Lodge together or then Odin and Thor Lodge, all at our south location. Those Lodges are closer to each other and share one parking lot together. […]

Can I book a stay more than 2 years ahead?

We don’t open bookings more than 2 years in advance. Usually it is open to book around 1.5-2years in advance. We open up new time frames 2 times a year. Thank you for understanding. We will always send out a newsletter when we release the next few months of booking dates, so be sure to […]

How much $ or £ is the rate per night?

Our prices are listed in € (Euros). We do not display $ or £ prices as the exchange rates vary a lot week to week (or sometimes even day to day). Please check your exchange rate before booking. The booking will always be fully paid in € via your card automatically, you get charged in […]