Which interesting places/sightseeing are in the surrounding area?

There is Hvalfjarðareyri just 5min away from the Lodge. It is a beautiful place with a tiny lighthouse where you can go down for a walk and bird watching. Also on the left side of the road you find an amazing rock formation at the cliffs where you can take beautiful pictures.   Staupasteinn is […]

When can I see whales and seals?

Most of the whale sights are in the summer months from July to August when they are there with their calves. We have binoculars to watch them. Of course there is always a possibility to spot them all year round but summer time is absolutely the best time. There are also sometimes sunbathing seals at […]

Where is the next grocery store?

The closest possibility to buy food is at the petrol station AO, which is around 12minutes drive away. They only have a very limited basic assortment (more expensive as in supermarkets) and are open until 8PM daily. If you want to buy proper groceries, we recommend to drive to Mosfellsbær or Akranes at Bónus (cheapest […]

Is there enough space for our luggage?

We have only two little drawers for guests to put in their belongings and probably space for one luggage on the side of the wall. The Lodge is very tiny as you can see on the pictures and the cupboard is only full of cleaning and maintenance stuff plus food. So we advise you to […]

Are the Lodges suitable for a little kid/baby?

The Lodge is only suitable for two adults and there is only a 1.80m width bed and also only two chairs, two sets of cutlery and dishes and only two towels etc. The Cabin is quite tiny and there is not much space. Also the property isn’t kids safe. Thank you for understanding that an […]

How private is the area?

The area is a remote area and there are only 5 houses at the shoreline (around 100m away each). It’s pitchdark at night (except fullmoon and midsummer) and no curtains are needed. But if you feel more private, you can just let the roller blinds down :). The closest houses are only summerhouses and not […]

Is the Lodge heated?

Yes it’s heated with floor heating plus you can adjust temperature from the two electrical heaters. We also do have ceiling heaters and one for the glass roof. These ones you can just put on or off.

How long is the drive from/to the international airport?

At normal road conditions it takes 1:15h. The distance is 86km from the international airport in Keflavík. In winter conditons, please calculate 30min more time each way, roads can be slippery or speed has to be adjusted if there is snow on the roads.

Do I need a 4WD to drive there?

We only recommend a 4wd during winter months (late October to March), otherwise it is not necessary to have a 4wd. There is only one small gravel road leading to the Lodge and it has winter service, but during heavy snowfall it’s possible that it will not be completely free of snow. Please always check […]

How do I get to the Lodges?

There is only one way you can get to our Lodge – You have to rent a rental car. No public transport is available in this area.