Panorama Glass Lodge

Politique d'annulation

Politique de réservation

Please note that we can only take a booking through our website if it is made at least one day prior to check in. Same day bookings are possible with a prior call to check if the cabin is ready.

L' enregistrement automatique c'est après 16:00Vous obtenez votre code PIN pour l'ouverture de la porte un jour avant votre arrivée par e-mail. Le code est valable jusqu'au l´heure de départ à 11:00 du jour suivant

Should you require an early check-in or late check-out, it is subject to availability and will be charged with a fee on the hour. Should you stay longer than the previously booked time, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for another hour. Early check-ins or late check-outs can be purchased and booked on our store site, a maximum of 4 weeks in advance.

We are not a hotel and this is a non-serviced area with no reception.

The standard Lodge is suitable for a maximum of 2 adults. The premium Lodge is suitable for a maximum of 5 adults.

There is no breakfast provided in the price. Included in the price is VAT 11%, the tourism tax, free wifi, coffee and tea and basic food supplies (like pasta, rice, sugar, oil…), two towels per person, use of Sauna and hot tub, a fully equipped kitchen and final cleaning of the house and pool. Full amount is due right upon booking.

Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. does not take any responsibility if the hot tub or Sauna can not be used due to force majeure like heavy storms or volcanic eruptions or very bad weather conditions etc, therefore it is not possible to claim a refund for not being able to use it. The same rule goes for the rooftop windows, in case of heavy snowfall or thin black ice we can’t guarantee a view through the glass ceiling as this is unfortunately completely out of our control. We are trying to remove all the snow while we’re on location if the weather conditions (wind) safely allow it.

In case of a storm or weather issues (majeure force/act of god) or you can’t make it to the Lodges for any reason (illness, accident, cancelled flights etc), there will be no refund. Only if the road 268 and 264 (south) are both closed or if the road from Borgarnes or from Akranes to our west location is closed and we can not perform our services, we will of course refund the full amount. If you are stuck somewhere else in Iceland (for example the capital, Vik, the east or other location that is a longer drive away) and our roads are open, there is no refund paid. We recommend planning ahead, the storms are always on forecast around 2-3 days ahead of time. It is advised to stay in the surrounding area the night before and after if there is a heavy storm coming up. Do not take/plan long yourneys during winter months. Do NOT book a stay at the lodges in winter if you plan to fly back early the next day or arrive the same day, you risk to get stuck because of closed roads. You may adjust your travel plans and check road conditions beforehand. The guests are responsible by themselves to check on possible road closures and take a detour or wait a few hours until the road opens again.

Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. is not responsible for the loss or damage of any property left in the Lodges. You have the possibility to pick up your lost/forgotten items up to 7 days after your check-out. After that timeframe we collect all items and bring it to the red cross regularly or other facilities who can need electronical devices or clothes. We do not have space to store it for a longer time. In case you want to have your lost items shipped, you pay for the postal and packaging fees prior to shipping plus a 35€ for the time effort. We can not guarantee a fast shipping as we need to drive to the capital for international shipments.

Si vous causez des dommages à la propriété / au lodge (comme un incendie sur la terrasse, des dommages à l'intérieur, des fenêtres ou des volets roulants cassés, etc.), nous vous en tiendrons compte juste après votre séjour. Merci de traiter notre propriété comme vous le feriez avec votre maison.

Photographs, films or social content taken at Panorama Glass Lodge or at Panorama Glass Lodge facilities cannot be used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. We reserve the right to seek compensation for any use which is contrary to our conditions.

Politique d'annulation

You can cancel your reservation until 30 days prior to check in free of charge (minus a 35€  (Euro) processing fee from our payment provider that always has to be paid when canceling a booking). The 35€ fee also applies if you booked two nights and want to cancel one of these two nights.

If you cancel from 29 until 15 days in advance, we charge a non-refundable fee of 25% from the total booking price. If you cancel 15 until 10 days in advance we charge a non-refundable fee of 50% from the total booking price. FOR CANCELLATIONS LESS THAN 10 DAYS PRIOR CHECK IN, THE 100% BOOKING COST IS NON-REFUNDABLE. There is no refund for “no shows” – this counts for flight schedule issues, car breakdowns, sickness, closed roads or weather issues, accidents, schedule conflicts or any other reasons why you can’t make it to our Lodges on your check in day. No refunds are issued for early departure for the same above mentioned reasons.

Nous pouvons vous fournir une facture pour votre assurance voyage.
Non-refundable fees can not be used as a credit for a later booking.

Changing your booking to other dates less than 30 days prior to check-in is not possible without getting charged. Same rules as for cancellation applies in this case (fee of 25-100%). Non-refundable fees can not be used as a credit for a later booking. We only change booking dates with a maximum of 2 years in advance time from the original booking date. If you want to change to a date that lies more in the future, we can not guarantee the same price as it was on your initial booking and therefore we would cancel the booking and you book it again separately.

Le remboursement sera toujours remboursé exactement comme vous l'avez payé. Aucun autre transfert vers d'autres comptes ou cartes de crédit n'est autorisé pour des raisons de sécurité. Lorsque vous recevez un remboursement de notre part, le traitement de la transaction prendra 7 à 10 jours ouvrables.

Veuillez noter qu'il peut y avoir des différences de taux de change lorsque vous récupérez votre remboursement et que vous avez une carte qui ne facture pas en € (Euros). Cela dépend de votre fournisseur de carte/banque.

Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. reserves the right to cancel bookings and reservations, when unable to provide the company’s services due to force majeure event/act of god, such as but not limited to weather, strikes, natural disasters, or any other irregularity outside the company’s control. In the event that Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. needs to cancel a booking on their behalf, Panorama Glass Lodge is paying a refund to the client.

If Panorama Glass Lodge ehf. needs to limit a reservation or service due to technical issues or limited services in the Lodge, a partial refund will be paid according to how severe the issue is.

Panorama Glass Lodge reserves the right to update/ make changes to these booking and cancellation policies without notice.

Panorama Glass Lodge ehf.

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+354 768 8821 (MO-FR / 9-19 GMT)

We will answer your email request in 48hours. Thank you for your patience.