At the time of the settlement of Iceland around 900 AD, approximately 25-30% of Iceland was covered with trees and 30-35% with other plants.  Today 75% of the country is completely deserted. Only about 1% of our land is still covered with forests. Since the settlement, 3.8 million hectares of grown land have been lost.

If you want to contribute to nature and climate protection in Iceland, you can donate to Acuparia, an Icelandic non-profit foundation. We guarantee that the whole amount will be transferred to the Acuparia Foundation.

The Foundation’s reforestation area is open and owned by the general public, so that everyone can visit the tree and see how it will grow and develop in the coming years.


You will receive a gift certificate for your donation (takes around 2-4 weeks).

Acuparia will plant a 3–5-year-old, approximately 30 cm tall tree for you. Planting time is from April until September each year.


20 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation