Top 7 elopement locations in Iceland

panorama glass lodge elopement

Panorama Glass Lodge is the Ideal Venue for Your Iceland Elopement Our Panorama Glass Lodges are exceptionally romantic and unique venues fitting your elopement. You can exchange vows against a backdrop of stunning landscapes, including vast mountain ranges and dark dramatic skies, possibly illuminated by the mysterious and bright Aurora. The lodge’s privacy and comfort, […]

Unveiling the wonders of Iceland’s Geothermal Spas

Welcome to Iceland, a realm where the ancient forces of the Earth meet the serene beauty of Nordic landscapes. In this dynamic setting, geothermal spas emerge as sanctuaries of tranquility, blending the earth’s thermal energy with Iceland’s captivating scenery. From secluded hot springs nestled in pristine wilderness to modern spa havens with breathtaking views, Iceland’s […]

Una guida completa agli dei e alle dee norvegesi

An idol of a pagan Norse god

by Jonathan Duffy, Arctic Meta Most ancient civilisations believed that they were not alone in the universe. They could see and interact with the world around them, but they longed to find meaning in it. From the most ancient civilisations on the planet to modern society, people have believed in otherworldly beings that sometimes protect […]