Am I allowed to fly my drone while staying at the Lodges?

Yes it is allowed to fly a drone, but our rules are very strict. As long as you stay in the radius of 10meters of the Lodge you are staying at (meaning not flying near the other Lodges or up high in the sky) and the times where it is possible to fly your drone […]

When can I use the Sauna?

The Sauna is shared with one other lodge (except FRIGG lodge has its own private sauna). So two lodges share one sauna. There is a timetable for each lodge when it is possible to use the Sauna, with 2 hours blocks each. So that we can make sure that all guests get their private timeslot […]

Are there curtains on the windows?

Yes we do have pull up rollerblinds on the side around the bed for that extra little bit privacy in case someone feels uncomfortable :). But there are no curtains on the rooftop windows, means there will be light from the sun or moon if it’s fullmoon and we recommend to bring your sleeping masks […]

What can I expect from the bathroom?

Our bathrooms do have a very beautiful design which you can see in our gallery or on the booking site. We provide organic cosmetics from a local brand called Sóley Organics, which is made out of 100% icelandic ingredients and made in Iceland. We use only refillable products for the bathroom. We privide shower gel, […]

What are the kitchens equipped with?

Our kitchens do all have two stoves, a fridge with little freezer, a toaster, a nespresso coffee machine and a kettle plus a microwave. We do have basic food supplies like: Pasta / Rice / Cereals / Herbs and spices / Salt, Pepper and Sugar / Tea assortment / Coffee / Vinegar and Oil  / […]

How private is the land?

South Iceland: The land is completely private as there are only our four Lodges on this property which is almost 50’000sqm big. We have built up hills between the Lodges for more privacy. The road on the other side of the river leads to a little summer house area and therefore there are sometimes cars […]

Are the Lodges heated?

Si, sono riscaldati con riscaldamento a pavimento e un ulteriore riscaldamento a parete.

Is there enough space for our luggage?

We do not have much space inside the Lodges but however it will fit for two medium sized suitcases. We recommend to only take a backpack or a bag with you inside or only what you need. We do have a cupboard where you can store things but other than that on the floor area […]

Is there a reception / staff on site?

As we are no Hotel we do not have a reception or any staff on site. It is self check-in and check-out and one housekeeping staff is only on site between 11:00 and 16:00. In case of any questions during your stay, we’re available via email usually from 9:00-21:00. We strongly recommend to arrive to […]