Panorama Glass Lodge


This isn't a five star hotel... It is an infinite star encounter.

Where the night sky replaces the resort entertainment, offering a celestial spectacle beyond any earthly measure.

Panorama Glass Lodge® has become by far the most popular accommodation in all Iceland and
established itself as one of the main attractions for an Iceland visit for many travelers. Our brand also
won the National Geographics Readers Award in 2019 for the most unique accommodation

Panorama Glass Lodge® is an established and international well-known brand, featured in more than 180 magazines and newspapers worldwide. We are thrilled to finally offering this interesting and versatile option for hotels, landowners, entrepreneurs and investors alike.


The Viking Essence in Our DNA

Panorama Glass Lodge® is not just a place to stay; it’s a journey back to the Viking  era. Our brand story is deeply rooted in the Viking spirit – a testament to their love for exploration, adventure, and a profound connection with the nature. This ethos guides our philosophy, from the design of our lodges to the experiences we offer, ensuring that every guest feels the thrill and wonder that drove the Vikings across seas and continents.

The shape of the Lodges is inspired by Scandinavian and Viking houses and combines wooden elements, steel
and glass which makes the Lodges so unique. The interior is custom made, accessories are hand-
picked and a high value is placed on the high-quality products. We respect nature and use only
materials that do no harm to our beautiful surroundings.

Here, each lodge is a canvas where nature paints its masterpieces, from sunrise to the starry night.

No Glittering Chandeliers. But the Milky Way's Glow.

Swap artificial lights for a natural light show, as the stars and galaxies illuminate your stay.

What we offer is more than an accommodation, our goal is that all our guests have an outstanding,
comfortable, and memorable once in a lifetime experience with enough privacy in a spectacular and scenery. Even though the cabins are out in the nature, the guests can still enjoy luxury, high quality standards and extraordinary design.

At Panorama Glass Lodge®, we transcend the conventional hotel experience. Our lodges are not just places to stay; they are gateways to immersive natural encounters. Here, luxury meets wilderness, and comfort coalesces with the untamed beauty of the outdoors.

There are so many other stunning locations out there and we want to make them accessible for
guests so they can enjoy the beauty of the nature in combination with all the amenities that comes
along with the Panorama Glass Lodge®

Expanding horizons with the Panorama Glass Lodge®. Panorama Glass Lodge® also presents a unique opportunity for existing hotels to diversify and enhance their offerings. By integrating our innovative lodge concept, hotels can tap into new markets, attract a wider range of guests, and provide an unparalleled experience that complements their existing services.

No room service. But wild nature.


  • Established brand
  • Logo rights
  • Well-known brand name
  • Social media reach & coverage
  • Direct Sales instead of booking platforms
  • Our brand performance (booking rate etc)
  • Marketing & Advertising Benefits
  • New Lodge launch campaign
  • Proven design (all-climate and weather/storm proof)
  • Active Business Support
  • Exceptional occupancy rate records

Franchise Model

Monthly franchise fee
Includes training, support and consulting, marketing and advertising, hotel booking plugin, etc.


  • Suitable land (secluded, with outstanding view)
  • Order/purchase lodges
  • Installation (i.e. Shipping, Foundation, water supply, electricity)



NatGeo Traveller Award

Investment Opportunity/Funder

If you are looking for investment opportunities, Panorama Glass Lodge® is an option worth to consider. We have achieved a strong market position in the growing Icelandic tourism segment with an average sales growth of 85% per year since 2019, and we will further expand in the coming years. 

The Icelandic tourism market is the most important economy sector in Iceland and a long-term growth market. The Icelandic tourist board recently published a forecast of the tourist development, mentioning 1.7 mio tourists in 2022, 2.4 mio in 2023 and 3 mio tourists in 2025. 

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in investing in Panorama Glass Lodge®.

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