A Nordic Fusion: Panorama Glass Lodge x ÆRA Nord Collaboration

In a harmonious blend of Icelandic and Norwegian charm, two visionary hospitality brands, Panorama Glass Lodge and ÆRA nord, have united to offer an extraordinary experience that spans from awe-inspiring Northern Lights to the dazzling Midnight Sun. With their absolute prime locations, shared dedication to guest satisfaction, and a unique lodging concept, this partnership will […]

Welches sind die besten Orte in Island, um Nordlichter zu sehen?

panorama glass lodge northern lights

By Chris Ayliffe, Arctic Meta Frequently, when travellers visit our shores they’re usually asking 2 questions: what are the best places to see in Iceland? And, where is the best location to see the Northern Lights?   Believe me, we get it – a trip to Iceland isn’t complete without seeing some truly awesome natural […]