No, our locations both are intentionally not illuminated, to guarantee a completely light pollution free environment so every guest gets to enjoy the night sky (if applicable).

There are some very weak solar lights on the pathways but they do not provide light for all night long. Also there are outdoor lights at the lodges, which we ask you to turn off if you are not on the terrace or in the hot tub. The saunas have an outdoor light as well, which should be shut off, too, when finishing the sauna session.

During winter months when it gets dark soon in the day, we recommend to check in at 16:00 to find your lodge, or then check out our digital guest guide (which you get sent 5 weeks prior to check in) with all the driving instructions with photos to navigate. You can also use our site maps to see where your lodge is located at (you find it in the gallery of each lodge, same as our 360° virtual views).