Panorama Glass Lodge


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our lodges and our services.

General Questions

Is a one night stay possible?

We have a minimum stay of two nights due to the remote location and cleaning costs and we have to do the booking and payment process all manually for a one night booking. We can arrange one night stays upon request if it fits in the calendar from time to time, but the price will be higher to cover the additional costs/time of cleaning and for the staff costs and effort for the manual booking. Just send us an email in this case and we'll book your one night stay manually. Please understand that we maybe also do not accept your request for a specific date for example in high season if there's only a two night stay left - we'll keep this spaces for guests who book a normal two night stay. We also do not take one night only stays too far in advance (like more than two or three months ahead), mostly we use them to fill the free spaces in the calendar. Thank you for understanding.

Do you organize pick-up and/or tours?

No, it's accomodation only, we do not organize any tours nor provide pick-up.

Do you have a waiting list for booked out dates?

No unfortunately we do not have a waiting list. There is only one Lodge at the moment and we get booked out quite quickly. Best is to book 6-7 months in advance. But we will open up our two new Lodges around November this year and they will be ready to book around October we expect. We get several emails per day about waiting lists and it would be just too much effort for us as a small family business to handle them all and inform all the people or see who was first with asking about a specific date and so on. If there should be any short term availability we will announce that on our Facebook page. So if you are spontaneous, please check our FB page and turn notifications on to be sure to not miss out on announcments of free dates and be informed quickly. First come, first serve.

How much $ or £ is the rate per night?

We do not display $ or £ prices as the exchange rates vary a lot week to week (or sometimes even day to day). Please check your exchange rate yourself before booking. The booking will always be paid in € via paypal automatically, you get charged in your currency. Just type in the amount in € and paypal will display you how much the amount in your currency is.

Do you have Lodges for more than 2 Persons

Unfortunately not, every lodge is made for two persons only but if you are a group of 4 for example you could book the two Lodges on the same property in South Iceland. There’s no space for a 3 rd person at all in the cabins, it’s very tiny and we do not have a spare mattress or something for children. We provide towels, sheets and everything else only for two persons.

Are there curtains on the windows?

Yes we do have blackout rollerblinds on the side curtains around the bed for that extra little bit privacy in case someone feels uncomfortable :). But there are no curtains on the rooftop windows, means there will be light from the sun or moon if it's fullmoon and we recommend to bring your sleeping masks with you if you are light sensitive. The Lodge is meant to sleep under the stars and that's why there are no curtains on the roof, it would just disturbe the nature vibes :). Thank you for understanding.

How does it work with the hot tub?

Our  housekeepers will fill the pool before each guests arrival and start the heater. As it takes up to 5hrs to fully heat the pool it will be ready at around 19:00 on your check in day (sometimes even sooner, depending on when they finish filling it). It's regularely heated on 39/40 degrees celsius. Please check the temperature before you enter the pool.

When do I get the door opening code?

You will get the electronic code for the door one day before check-in via email (latest in the evening before check-in day). We have an electronical smart lock and you need no key to enter the Lodges. It's a non serviced area, there's no staff on location.

Why is noone answering the phone?

Please first check the current time in Iceland (GMT). We are mostly available between 8:00 and 19:00 on weekdays - Icelandic time. If we still do not take the phone or call back please note that we are a small family business and have little kids and there is no physical office. Emails will be always answered ASAP. So rather try to email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Over weekends we try to answer emails but it can also take us until Monday to get back to you. Thank you for your understanding.

When can I see the northern lights?

You can only see the northern lights during winter time when it's dark outside (from around late August to late April). Also you only see them if it's cloudless, not raining and not snowing. There is no certain time when they appear the most - they can appear from early evening to early morning. Just don't forget to look up in the sky frequently when it's dark outside. Also check our aurora forecast and cloudcover forecast every 15min to see how big your chances will be. Sometimes they are not very active and you do not see them even on a cloudless night. You also need a bit of luck to see them :). Generally you can say, if you can see the stars and are patient and staring into the sky for hours, your chances are high that you see some. December and January are usually the months with the heaviest storms and there are a lot of storms, so we would say these months the chances are a bit smaller that you see the Auroras (but not impossible), but every year is different.

What do I have to know for my summer stay (May-August)?

If you booked a stay with us in Summer you'll be lucky for sure to experience the amazing midnight sunsets out of your bed or the hot pool if the weather is good. Tough Summer also has his side effects ;). There are a lot of flies around waters outside and they also love our glass cabin like everyone else does. You find 2 fly swatters in our Lodge so you can catch these little friends together and have some fun :). One annoying phenomenon is new in Iceland and these are the Lúsmý. They're insects and almost transparent and so tiny that you can't see them properly and they are always outside and also inside houses (mostly in evenings or mornings) near waters and go thru clothes and leave you with dozens of itchy bites. You don't feel anything when they bite you, only a few hours later you discover the itchy small bites. The best to do after you got attacked by them is getting into the hot tub with at least 42 degrees and soak in there for 5 minutes. It will help to reduce the itchyness. Also there's no need for heaters in Summer as it gets quite warm anyway through the sun in the Lodge. Heaters are always off during summertime but of course if you need them you can turn them on, but please put them off again before check-out. On hot days (for icelandic conditions at least) we recommend to leave the balcony door open while you are in the cabin. For light sensitive people we recommend taking your eye masks with you to get full darkness at night as the sun never sets during summer. We have blackout curtains available for the side windows but the ceiling has no curtains, means it is still not completely dark.

What do I have to know for my winter stay (September-April)?

Winters in Iceland are mild but windy. So pack enough warm clothes and a hat, waterproof gear is always recommended. There can be violent and dangerous wind and snow storms in the winter months which reach it's peak at December and January with sometimes closed roads and difficult driving conditions. If the roads are closed to our Lodges we have to cancel the booking as it's not allowed for anyone to drive (and therefore also not possible for us to go and clean the Lodge) and you also shouldn't go outside during a violent storm. It is possible that we need to cancel your booking in this case and of course you get the full refund. If you are at the Lodge during a storm, please don't use the hot pool as it can be very dangerous and secure the pool cover firmly. Do not leave anything outside the terrace during a storm, wind gusts can reach up to 60m/s and blow everything away. We have a storm information printed out in each cabin. Take weather warnings always serious! You should always check for weather forecasts and storm alerts. Also before you go on a journey, please check or

Can I book a stay more than a year ahead?

We don't open bookings more than a year in advance. Also we do not take any pre-reservations. Thank you for understanding. We will always send out a newsletter when we release the next few months of booking dates, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be informed straight away.

Do you offer jobs?

We only have housekeepers working in our company, so this is the only position you can apply for. Applicants must have housekeeping experience (preferably in the luxury sector) and must be able to work absolutely independantly. Housekeepers need to have a car as our locations are very remotely. Unadressed emails with CV's won't get answered as we have no time for that at the moment. Good advise: Please inform yourself about the company you want to work before you apply for a job ;). We don't need any cooking chefs or waitresses or barkeepers. There's only one single cabin and no need for these positions. Thank you and good luck.

What is the difference between Alva and Freya Lodges?

They're exactly the same style and both on the same property in Hella, south Iceland. Alva is closer to the parking lot and ond the upper part of the property and Freya is more away from the parking lot to walk and has some stairs to walk to get there. Freya is more isolated and more privacy for sure and closer down at the river. Both cabins have great privacy and are not visible to eachother. So if you have reduced mobility, Alva is your better choice. The cabin Freya is perfect for taking photos and noone will walk past that cabin as it's on the end of the property :).

Is there a reception / staff on site?

As we are no Hotel we do not have a reception or any staff on site. It is self check-in and check-out and one housekeeping staff is only on site between 11:00 and 15:00. In case of any questions during your stay, we're available via email, call or Whatsapp message from 8:00-20:00. We strongly recommend to arrive to the property before it gets completely dark in Winter as it is really pitch dark at night and we have not installed additional outdoor lights to not cause any light pollution for sky viewing. Though we have torches in the box on the parking space to find your way to your cabin.

What are the kitchens equipped with?

Our kitchens do all have two stoves, a fridge with little freezer, a toaster, a nespresso coffee machine and a kettle plus a microwave. We do have basic food supplies like: Pasta / Rice / Cereals / Herbs and spices / Salt, Pepper and Sugar / Tea assortment / Coffee / Vinegar and Oil  / Jam   / Ketchup / We have pans, pots, dishes and cutlery and glasses for champagne and wine of course. Also a bottle opener is provided. If you however want to use fresh products (such as vegetables, fruits, bred, milk etc) we ask you to bring them yourself and buy on your way to the Lodges.

Do you have Lodges for more than 2 Persons

Unfortunately not, every lodge is made for two persons only but if you are a group of 4 for example you could book the two Lodges on the same property in South Iceland. There’s no space for a 3 rd person at all in the cabins, it’s very tiny and we do not have a spare mattress or something for children. We provide towels, sheets and everything else only for two persons.

How do I get to the Lodges?

You find us on google maps, simply type in Panorama Glass Lodge South to get exact GPS data. A little direction help in case you lose internet connection: We’re right after the town Hella, 20minutes North of it. From the Mainroad Nr1 you turn into road Nr264 direction Gunnarsholt (a yellow sign). After that you turn into road Nr268 direction Næfurholt (also a yellow sign) which turns into a gravel road after half of the distance. The last little road where you need to turn to the right you’ll see a blue sign with yellow letters “Panorama Glass Lodge”. From there it is only 2 Minutes maximum until the property. The property is marked with a white sign with our logo and the parking space is also marked with a standard blue parking sign. Please only park on this parking lot.

Do I need a 4WD to drive there?

In winter (October till March) we strongly recommend to only drive there with a 4WD as it’s out of the main road and it also has gravel parts. In summer no 4wd is needed and easily accessible. Please always check and road conditions on before you go on a journey. You can find weather forecast and storm warnings on

How long is the drive from/to the international airport?

159km, 2h10min. Please calculate more time if there’s snow and ice on the roads or a storm going on – road closures are always possible in Iceland, inform yourself before your journey via about road conditions.

Are the Lodges heated?

Yes they are heated with floor heating plus an additional wall heater.

How private is the area?

The area is completely private as there are only our two Lodges on this property which is almost 50’000sqm big. The road on the other side of the river leads to a little summer house area and therefore from time to time there are cars driving on that road. We do have side curtains if you feel uncomfortable but there’s really no need for them and you can simply enjoy the view.

Are the Lodges suitable for a little kid/baby?

If you want to stay at one of the Lodges with a little kid or baby, that’s ok but please note that we do not have any extra towels or pillows or mattress for kids. But we have a travel cot for infants/toddlers up to 15kg/3 years that we can provide on request. The kid needs to sleep with you in the bed and we remind guests that they are at all times responsible for the wellbeing and security of their kids. We do not have any special kids safety installations and also there is no fence at the river or anywhere else so please keep that in mind. Also the hot pool is advised to use not for a too long time with little kids.

Is there enough space for our luggage?

We do not have much space inside the Lodges but however it will fit for two medium sized suitcases. We recommend to only take a backpack or a bag with you inside or only what you need. We do have a cupboard where you can store things but other than that on the floor area is not much space to leave any bigger baggage.

Where is the next grocery store?

The closest possibility to buy food is in Hella, which is a 25 minutes drive away. There is a grocery store (Kjarval) and a petrol station. The petrol station is open until 23.00 every day. If you want to get alcohol there’s only one store chain in Iceland. It is called vínbúðin and is closed on Sundays and holidays and also closes at 18:00 every other day. The closest of these stores is in Hella.

Which interesting places/sightseeing are in the surrounding area?

There is Hekla Center just 20min away from the Lodge. It houses a contemporary, multimedia exhibition on Hekla mountain, its history, and its influence on human life in Iceland from the time of the settlement to the present. The exhibition emphasises the influence of the volcano on the inhabited areas close to it. There is also a restaurant next to the Hella Center. In Hvolsvöllur is the big museum Lava centre with the volcanic exhibition. It is only a 30min drive away. Just right before Hella is a beautiful waterfall called Ægissíðufoss, there are no tourists at all and usually you have this place all for yourself. Highly recommended! Mount Búrfell (the mountain just infront of the cabins) is a wonderful hike, around 1hr each way from the parking lot. You are able to see Hekla volcano even closer and the lava fields from the Hekla eruptions on a good weather day. In Hella you can visit the caves of Hella, they offer tours. The waterfall Þjófafoss is 20 min away. According to folklore and history, the waterfall got its name from practice in the old judiciary system in Iceland, as thieves were thrown into the waterfall to finish their sentence. Almost without exception, none have ever been seen again. The waterfall is south of the beautiful mountain Búrfell and accessible from the south side. The river is controlled by Landsvirkjun, the main producer electricity in Iceland. As a consequence sometimes the river dries up, and the powerful waterfall almost disappears. Golden circle tour is easily doable on a day from Hella area. During summer months Landmannalaugar is an easy day trip from the Glass Lodges. Also the “south coast tour” with Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Kvernufoss and black sand beach is easily doable in one day.