Winters in Iceland are mild but very windy. So pack enough warm clothes and a hat, waterproof gear is always recommended.

There can be violent and dangerous wind and snow storms in the winter months which reach its peak in January and February with sometimes closed roads and difficult driving conditions.
If the roads are all closed to our Lodges, we have to cancel the booking as it’s not allowed for anyone to drive (and therefore also not possible for us to go and clean the Lodge) and you also shouldn’t go outside during a violent storm. But no worries, this happens maybe 2-3 times a year and not frequently.

The most important of all, you must rent an apropriate 4wheel drive vehicle to get to our Lodges during the winter months – otherwise you risk to get stuck in the snow. The roads beside the main road are not cleared frequently and the road administration services have less priority for the side roads unfortunately. Of course it can be a mild winter with not much snow, but we recommend to not take a risk and rent a proper car if you plan to go on roadtrips out of the capital.

We recommend staying your last night before your flight back NOT in our Lodges as it could be possible that there are interruptions on the way back (for example the mountain pass to the capital). Make sure to spend your last night before your flight in the nearby area of the airport. We also recommend before your stay at our Lodge, stay somewhere in the south as it could be possible that the mountain pass is closed and then you have to drive a longer detour to reach us. The main interruptions are mountain passes that can be closed due to snow or storm. There is one mountain pass right before Vík, and one mountain pass between Reykjavík and the south of Iceland. It is advised to purchase an additional insurance from the car rental company for road assistance in case you get stuck somewhere in the snow or land besides a road due to super slippery roads (which can happen here, we’ve all been there several times and it is nothing unusual :). Then you have a towing service paid getting you out. Otherwise in case you get stuck in the area of Hella, this is the number from the local towing service: +354 8611662

If you are at the Lodge during a storm, please don’t use the hot pool as it can be very dangerous and make sure to secure the pool cover firmly before the storm approaches. Do not leave anything outside the terrace during a storm, wind gusts can reach up to 60m/s and blow everything away. We have a storm information listed in our digital guest guide.
Take weather warnings always serious!

You should always check for weather forecasts and storm alerts.
Also before you go on a journey, please check or