Where the Sky is.

Panorama Glass Lodge

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En Dormant
Sous les Étoiles

Couchers de soleil, levers de soleil et observation des étoiles incroyables et avec un peu de chance, regarder les aurores boréales danser au-dessus de vous depuis le confort de votre lit chaud, pas besoin de sortir et de geler.

En dormant sous les étoiles

Igloo à cabine de verre scandinave de style viking avec ce petit plus de luxe. Des paysages magnifiques et des vues panoramiques depuis votre lit super confortable ou votre bain à remous privé.

Notre emplacement

Austurkrókur L6B, 851 Hella

+354 768 8821 (MO-FR / 9-19 GMT)

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What do I need to know about the Premium/Family Lodge?

Our brand new Premium Lodge is perfect for Families, couples travelling together or friends. It sleeps 5 and has a second bedroom with an inbuilt bunk bed. There's a bigger table, bigger kitchen, bigger bathroom, bigger terrace and bigger pool. Plus you get the Sauna completely to yourselves, it is a private Sauna. It also features the best view of all, over the ocean and the Snaefellsness mountain range. The Premium Lodge is wheelchair accessible and we pay also attention to make our smallest guests happy, therefore we have toys, puzzles, board games and much more in the drawers in the second bedroom. Parents will appreciate the highchair and the changing table provided. The second bedroom has a lovely starlight LED ceiling, like the Sauna has. A comfortable window bench invites guests to relax and enjoy the views from the second bedroom. Installed in the bunk bed are also reading lights and electrical outlets. The kitchen features a dishwasher and all other amenities like the other Lodges, just a tad bigger.

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Skessuhorn, Iceland


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